St Ives Historic Lifeboat Trips

Enjoy a truly unique historic trip around St Ives Bay on board the former St Ives Lifeboat built in 1899.

Enjoy a truly unique historic lifeboat trip around St.Ives Bay. The old St.Ives Lifeboat JAMES STEVENS No.10 will take you on a gentle and serene boat trip around the Bay. Experience St.Ives from the sea and view the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, there is even a chance of spotting some of the local marine inhabitants such as seals and dolphins.

You will also learn about the history of this Lifeboat, shipwrecks and the heroic rescues that were performed. JAMES STEVENS No.10 is the original Lifeboat that was built in 1899 and has just undergone a 3-year restoration.