Mousehole Harbour Christmas Lights

Mousehole Harbour Christmas Lights

During Christmas time, locals and visitors flock to the fishing village of Mousehole to enjoy the festive lights.

Venue Mousehole Harbour
Location Mousehole
Date From 11th December

The Mousehole Christmas Lights are a renowned and enchanting holiday spectacle that transforms the tiny fishing village of Mousehole into a dazzling winter wonderland.

Thousands of twinkling lights adorn the quaint harbour, waterfront cottages, and narrow streets of Mousehole, creating a mesmerising display that illuminates the dark winter nights. These lights take various forms, from traditional Christmas motifs like angels and reindeer to whimsical sea-themed designs, paying homage to the village's maritime heritage.

One of the highlights is the famous "Tom Bawcock's Eve," a unique celebration held on December 23rd, where villagers gather to commemorate the legendary fisherman who, according to local folklore, saved the village from starvation during a storm. This evening includes a lantern procession, the singing of traditional songs, and the consumption of "Stargazy Pie," a dish featuring fish heads protruding from the pastry, symbolizing the heroic catch.

With floating displays of lights in the harbour and streets filled with the aroma of mulled wine and festive foods, the lights draw thousands of visitors each year - a must-experience if you’re staying with us this Christmas!

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